A quick little FAQ of what it is I'm all about here...

Music, any music. Lot's of people say they're fans of 'anything' or 'everything' - I really am. Any genre, any album, I'll be inclined to check it out. There are some genres I like less than others (Gangtsa Rap, a good chunk of Country ballads) and some I like more than most (Industrial, Thrash Metal). But all in all, I'm pretty open.

How do I review music?
I listen to it, and write a review based solely on the emotions I get from the sound, and the sound itself. Does it make me happy? Is it supposed to? Can I dance to it? Do I just sit back and listen to the soundscape?

On the whole I try not to review music based on what it isn't trying to be - comparing Aphex Twin to radio-friendly pop-dance attitudes, for instance. I also don't review the music on how good looking the lead singer is - you wouldn't believe the number of music reviewers that start out with a female singers looks.... it's sad.

How much music do you listen to?
On the whole I aim for about 4-5 albums a week, with at least one new release. Unless I'm looking at a number of Singles, in which case I'll add more. Some weeks are less, some more. Each album gets 2-3 listens before I form an opinion on it. Sometimes more. I give myself a whole week to listen to these, so the 'new release' would have been out the previous week from the post.

Will I review music people send me?

When do posts go up?
I try to get posts up Wednesday Morning.

What are the Sunday Posts?
Every Sunday I do something different, I go through a box-set I picked up, usually in parts, or convert some vinyl I have to digital and give my thoughts on it as I do that, since it's a real time process. These are a maximum of two CDs/Records per Sunday.